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"¡Benvenutti A Tutti!"


Chef's Recommendations

Capelli D’Angelo con Pollo

Angel hair pasta sautéed with a fresh tomato...

Capelli D’Angelo con Vegetali

Angel hair pasta with fresh vegetables, such as...

Pomodori con Mozzarella

Healthy slices  of seasonal tomatoes with hand...

Tournedos di Manzo al Brandy

Personally selected filet of beef sautéed  in a...

Customer Testimonials

“Oh, wow!”

Fabulous food.  My favorite is the filet with the gravy.  Fantastic.  I’ve been turning friends on to this restaurant for years.  My son has always ordered the lasagna or spaghetti.  As this was our last trip to Cavatore’s before moving to Colorado, I ordered the filet for both of us.  His reaction after the first bite was “Oh, wow!”  Same with my husband.  Love Cavatore’s!”-4/13/13

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