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"¡Benvenutti A Tutti!"


Chef's Recommendations

Capelli D’Angelo con Pollo

Angel hair pasta sautéed with a fresh tomato marinara, grilled breast of chicken and...

Capelli D’Angelo con Vegetali

Angel hair pasta with fresh vegetables, such as red and green bell peppers, zucchini squash, broccoli,  carrots, mushrooms, olive oil and...

Pomodori con Mozzarella

Healthy slices  of seasonal tomatoes with hand pulled buffalo mozzarella, olive oil , balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and basil...

Tournedos di Manzo al Brandy

Personally selected filet of beef sautéed  in a brown sauce consisting of butter, shallots, stock, brandy and a touch of...

Customer Testimonials

Excellent service and a fun place to boot

“We love to go to Cavatore’s because it is excellent food, excellent service and a fun place to boot.”-8/27/13

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